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Friday, October 07, 2005


I've just been hearing that that NTL/Telewest have been sending out 'FREE' upgrades to their customers

Customers have been promised 4MB upgrades from their normal 1MB service and a new very fast 10MB upgrade for existing 2MB customers!

I guess the recent NTL/Telewest merger has something to do with this - so now might be a very good time to check out and take advantage of these fantastic offers

More soon...


  • At 5:17 am, Blogger Roy Wilding said…

    Wow 10mb broadband upgrade for nowt! That's nice. I've heard far to many scarey stories about NTL to ever go near them though to be honest. I just wonder whether this is overkill as well. It seems like all the big companies are offering crazy deals in a land grab bid but what will the quality of service be like. Also I consider myself to a big user of broadband, my work requires an Internet connection and it's on all day every day. I use all aspects, download, upload, ftp, gaming, streaming media etc and I have a 1mb connection. 1mb suits me fine and I'm not looking to upgrade.

    We discuss broadband and Free ISP related issues on our blog which I see you have visited. Keep up the good work. Will try and pop back now and then to add some comments.

  • At 2:01 am, Blogger Shawn T Lippert said…

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  • At 3:11 am, Blogger Keji Olutimayin said…

    Please find copied below news from broadband comparison website, Top 10 Broadband, who is today announcing the results of its inaugural broadband comparison awards which have seen O2 come out as the clear winner – coming top in the Fastest Broadband and Customer Satisfaction categories.

    Top 10 Broadband the UK’s leading broadband comparison site and guide ( has today announced the results of its inaugural annual broadband awards. Winners included O2 as the fastest broadband provider, BT as the winner in the wireless broadband category and ‘3' won the award for best mobile broadband provider.

    The awards closely analysed data captured in over 310,000 speed tests that were carried out on the Top 10 Broadband site and offer recognition to broadband providers that have achieved excellence in their field. UK broadband providers had their services rigorously tested against a wide range of criteria that included fastest broadband, customer satisfaction and best broadband bundle.

    O2 wins the Fastest Broadband and Customer Satisfaction awards, with an average download speed of 6.128Mb and customer rating of 3.84 out of 5. It is best for providing UK consumers, who are regularly downloading and streaming live video and gaming online, with a fast download speed, which, among other factors, is vital to be able to watch video quickly and successfully without the connection dropping in and out or the download taking a long time.

    Flexibility and mobile wireless broadband packages are other features UK broadband customers are looking for as they continue to use broadband on their laptops, and increasingly on their mobiles, to communicate on the move. 3’s victory in the Mobile Broadband category can be attributed to its range of packages with expansive download allowance, laptop deals and hardware options. With mobile broadband sales increasing by 50% month-on-month this is the fastest-moving and most progressive sector of the broadband market.

    The Wireless Broadband award went to BT because of the fact that its HomeHub 2.0 device doubles the wireless reach and facilitates digital TV via BT Vision.

    “The winners of the Top 10 Broadband awards have distinguished themselves in the UK broadband market by offering first-class packages tailored to niche areas of the market,” says Jessica McArdle, Web Editor at

    Customer reviews and specific package offerings including price, download allowance, contract length and speed of over 120 broadband packages were also judged by the Top 10 Broadband team.

    “The Top 10 Broadband awards amount to a comprehensive guide to the best broadband packages on the market allowing the public to make informed buying decisions,” says McArdle.

    The Top 10 Broadband Awards and winners:


    Fastest Broadband

    Customer Satisfaction

    Mobile Broadband

    Wireless Broadband

    Broadband Bundle
    Virgin Media

    Value Broadband

    Short-Contract Broadband
    AOL Broadband

    Small ISP

    Gaming Broadband

    Student Broadband


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